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New Jersey is FULL of Hot People!

and we are the hottest.

the hottest of the hot in jersey!
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
your fabulous moderators are: xbrighteststar & smurfettte

the hot kids of new jersey!
new jersey is full of beautiful people.

this community is pretty much like all those other rating communities. one catch: non-jersey people need not apply.

the rules [in case you don't know the deal]:
001! if you're from new jersey and think you're hot, give us a try.

002! join jersey_hot_kids. IMMEDIATELY post pictures of yourself. multiple pictures behind an LJ-cut.

003! don't post links!

004! you will get a yes or no vote. undecided votes count as a no.

005! after 24 hours you will recieve a stamp. you will be either accepted or rejected. the rejected will be banned. the accepted are now allowed to vote.

006! unstamped people are not allowed to comment anywhere except their own post until they have been accepted.

007! you may only post once until you have been accepted.

008! once you have been accepted you are also allowed to make as many freakin' stamped posts as your little heart desires. you're hot AND from jersey. what a combo. show it off.

list of accepted members available here.

and remember to be nice to the mods 'cause they have the ultimate power & can ban you for whatever reason they want.